PrimeAi Review OTO – Pricing, Bonuses, OTOs, and Detailed Features Explained!

PrimeAi Review 2023 – The AI Tool That Does it All! 

It’s 2023 and technological advancements are taking over the world like wild forest fires. A clear proof of this is the rising acceptance of Ai tools. There are Ai tools for literally, everything be it content writing, photo editing, video editing, or coding. Name a task and you will find an Ai tool for it. Shifting from one tool to another for different tasks surely is time taking, especially for people who are short on time. So, here’s the interesting part. There is one tool that does it all! Prime Ai. 

All you need to do is enter one keyword and then wait for Prime Ai to do its magic, that too in a time span of just 2 minutes. Doesn’t it sound amazing? 

And how can we miss this out, you can earn really good commissions by sitting at home and just promoting this product. Apart from that, you can easily earn up to $544 by doing a joint venture with Prime Ai. 

So, What Exactly Is PrimeAi?

PrimeAi is a tool that not only writes content for you but also creates amazing visuals, codes, and ranks websites. One thing that we have noticed when it comes to Ai writing content is that it sounds very robotic. But that’s not the case with PrimeAi. Being the world’s first “Google killer” app that is powered by ChatGPT, Prime Ai generates responses that sound very human, unlike other Ai softwares. And this is not it. Apart from writing top-notch content, PrimeAi also generates codes. In addition to this, it creates graphics and art that are breathtaking. 

To get amazing results, you just have to add a single keyword and give the app 2 minutes to process it, and boom! You’ll have your desired product right before your eyes. 

It is an easy-to-use app with a simple dashboard and is really friendly for new users.

Features of PrimeAi

Now that you’re aware of what PrimeAi exactly is, let’s talk about its interesting features. 

  1. Human-Like Responses

Prime Ai answers complicated questions within 120 seconds without sounding like a robot. 

  1. Writes High-Quality Content That Converts Readers Into Customers

PrimeAi not only writes top-notch e-books, articles, blogs, or scripts but it also composes great product descriptions, ad copy, sales scripts, email swipes, and much more. Just add your desired keywords and you are good to go.

  1. Writes SEO Content & Ranks Websites

Apart from writing plain content, PrimeAi can also generate SEO content that is free from plagiarism. Not only this, but it can also rank your website.

  1. Gives Life To Your Vision

With just a few keystrokes, PrimeAi creates Ai images and art that are not only stunning but also highly appealing to the eye with great visuals.

  1. Creates Incredible Funnels & Websites

PrimeAi also can build amazing websites and funnels. All you need to do is type in your required features and wait for the magic to occur.

  1. Does Coding Like a Pro!

PrimeAi does coding no less than a professional. Just feed in the description and you are good to go.

  1. Speaks Like Siri

PrimeAi has a built-in voice making it sound just like Apple’s Siri.

  1. Translates Languages 

PrimeAi can easily translate from one language to another better than anyone.

  1. Solves Maths Questions 

This Ai tool can really help you do your homework as it can solve complex maths problems within a few minutes.

  1. Graphic and Video Editing

Prime Ai has a built-in graphic and video editing feature that helps create astonishing results. 

What are the benefits of using PrimeAi and what gives it the edge over its competitors?

Ai tools are making life easier but as there are a lot of software available, it is important to know what makes PrimeAi better than its competitors. 

  • Fast Results

You can literally have the result in just 2 minutes after you feed in the keyword. 

  • Easy-to-use Dashboard 

PrimeAi has a very simple and easy-to-use dashboard which is very helpful for new users.

  • No Hidden Fee 

There is no additional fee required therefore there will be no extra expenses.

  • No Downloads Required

There’s no need to download, install or make any sort of customization. Just start working right away! 

PrimeAi Pricing and OTOs 

To get your PrimeAi account all you need to do is select the offer that suits you best. They are offering one front-end offer and 6 OTOs. 

To get further discounts make sure you use the code PRIMEAI3’ to get a discount of $3 on all funnels.

You can click the links mentioned alongside the offers to get a preview.

Front End Offer – $17  

Get access to this fully ChatGPT and Open AI-driven app for just $17 with the front-end offer. You can get answers to complex problems, create content that converts, see your vision come to life using the Ai art option, create funnels and websites that rank, translate to different languages, and whatnot! 

OTO 1 :  PrimeAi Pro – $37

PrimeAi comes with a commercial license. With PrimeAi Pro you can unlock many other features including generating content at a 10x faster speed, content creation in 180+ languages, creating more marketing content like Instagram reels, TikTok reels, and youtube content, getting access to more niches of content creation, get access to Ai bots, generate codes including HTML, java, CSS and ML by just feeding in some description. So, with Pro, you can unlock all advanced Ai features! 

OTO 2 :  PrimeAi Max – $47

With PrimeAi Max, you can break all limits! Yes, you can get unlimited access to all the features and be ready to get an unfair advantage over other users! 

OTO 3 :  PrimeAi Marketing Kit – $47 

If you are in search of marketing tools, well the PrimeAi Marketing Kit offer is just for you. 

OTO 4 :  PrimeAi Agency – $97

OTO 5 :  PrimeAi Reseller – $147

OTO 6 :  PrimeAi WhiteLabel – $197

How does PrimeAi work?

PrimeAi is a very simple tool to work with. All you need to do is follow these 3 steps.

Step 1: Grab an offer that best suits your interests.

You can go through all the offers, select the best, and hit buy! 

Step 2: Start creating what you want.

After getting access to this amazing tool, start creating content, codes, Ai visuals, and marketing material by just typing a single keyword.

Step 3: Relax and earn profits

Use the product content for your own needs or sell it to companies who need it! 

How can you earn dollars by taking part in the ongoing competition?

Since its launch on April 18, PrimeAi has been providing affiliate links to people who sign up. With this joint venture, you can earn up to $3000 in JV prizes!  

But this is a limited-time offer till April 23rd. Get your affiliate link and earn at least the commission matching price to become part of the competition. 

The prizes are as follows:

  1. The first winner gets $700
  2. The second winner gets $200
  3. The third winner gets $50

PrimeAi – Final Review 

In short, PrimeAi is a great app for everyone and anyone! You can use it for personal benefit or your business needs and get all your queries solved. 

With PrimeAi you can create high-quality Ebooks, articles, blogs, sales scripts, Ai visuals, funnels, and websites that rank. Mind you this is not it! 

So, wait no more! Grab PrimeAi now and be ready to witness wonders for yourself and your business! 


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