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ClickAgencyAI OTO – $22K AI Review ClickAgencyAI Bonus +Discount +OTO Info – Start Your Own Profitable Local Lead Generation Agency. Are you interested in learning more about Click Agency? Please go through my ClickAgencyAI Review before picking it to assess its flaws and merits.

I’ll go over what it does, who it’s for, how much it costs, the pros and cons, what unique bonuses you’ll get, and what the upsells or OTOs are, so you can make a better-educated choice about purchasing it and whether it’s suitable for you. That means you may profit handsomely from your new lead generating agency clients as well! The commercial licence allows you to legally use ClickAgency to create and sell comprehensive marketing campaigns. There are also several additional methods to benefit through Click Agency. you will ClickAgencyAI OTO to get the links below and all Upsell options.

ClickAgencyAI OTO

ClickAgencyAI OTO Review – What Exactly It Is?

ClickAgencyAI is a world-class technology that automatically creates high-converting lead generation campaigns for you and your clients with no prior knowledge required.

This tool can rapidly and simply generate matching Facebook and Google adverts, DFY copy, and high-converting video lead pages for you. All you need to get it in just four easy step:

  • First, build your awesome, fast-loading homepage via a simple template. Choose a location and fill out a simple form. The app will organize the information into a beautiful landing page with targeted copy that loads super fast and is ready to capture leads.
  • Second, talk to the smart AI. Bot to create your campaign. The bot will recognize the product you’re trying to promote and create a campaign for you – no skills or experience required.
  • Third, preview your page and already finished ppc ads. Preview and edit your video homepage and match fb and google ads. ClickAgency automatically creates a matching PPC to get traffic as well.
  • Fourth, log into Ads Manager and start making sales. Then, when you’re ready to start generating leads, log into Ads Manager and start your campaign.

ClickAgencyAI OTO

ClickAgencyAI OTO Review – Package Include Commercial

  • Point/Type Campaign Builder
  • Unlimited Web Hosting
  • 25 Lead Page Templates
  • Auto Facebook Ads Creator
  • Auto Google Ads Creator
  • Major Autoresponder Integration
  • Training and Tutorials
  • Create 100 Campaigns
  • Create 400 Ads
  • I. Bot Campaign Builder
  • Integrate Your Own Domain
  • Video Marketing Technology
  • Commercial Rights
  • 100 Language Technology
  • Fast Action Bonus Suite

ClickAgencyAI OTO

ClickAgencyAI Oto Review – How Does It Work?

  • In this portion of ClickAgencyAI OTO Review, I’ll demonstrate how simple it is to get started with this incredible programme.
  • Go to Settings in the left side navigation menu after signing into Click Agency AI.
  • You’ll be on the “Integrations” tab by default.
  • Connect your Google Adwords, Facebook, and Email Auto-Responder accounts. (not all are required, just integrate the ones will you use).
  • “Connect a Custom Domain” is the optional next step.
  • It is possible to publish your pages to a custom domain. This step can be skipped if you are confident utilising the Click Agency AI domain or downloading the HTML for server upload.
  • It will be organised by Click Agency AI into a lovely landing page with targeted text that loads really quickly and is ready to collect leads.
  • Alternately, you can just talk to our knowledgeable A.I.-powered bot about the kind of campaign you want to develop. This clever solution will research the item you’re attempting to market and develop the campaign for you.
  • The URL route for your page is immediately changed to reflect your campaign name.
  • Fast Way to Create Beautiful Video Lead Pages Create conversion-focused video lead pages in any desired topic that look fantastic to customers. All newly produced pages are fully compatible with Facebook’s and Google’s TOS and are prepared for PPC advertising.
  • The “famous” 3-Minute Page and Campaign Builder allows users to create stunning landing pages with complementary ad content in a matter of minutes by simply entering a few lines of text. These sites are not only stunning to look at, but they also have a high conversion rate in mind.
  • I. Campaign Builder for Bot Pages – Simply converse with our “smart” bot to have him produce high-converting advertising, text, landing pages, and more for you in just a short 3-minute discussion.
  • Beautiful “General” and Local Page Templates – Create excellent landing pages using our built-in collection of templates, which cover both general and local company categories.
  • Auto Create and submit Google advertising – ClickAgency can automatically create Google advertisements that are similar to and consistent with the content on your landing page. These ads will then be sent to the Google ads manager.
  • Facebook ads that are automatically created and sent to Ads Manager match the text of your landing page. Facebook advertisements are no longer banned for inappropriate marketing.
  • Technology for video marketing built-in – Add quick-loading videos to any page you design to increase conversion rates.

ClickAgencyAI OTO

ClickAgencyAI OTO Review – ClickAgency OTO Upsells ( Links OTO 1, OTO 2, OTO 3, OTO 4 )

Front-End(FE) – ClickAgency Advanced

Within ClickAgency FE, you can design whole marketing campaigns complete with landing pages in various niches, copy, advertisements, and auto-submission to Facebook ads management or Google ads manager. All of the features listed above are included. The nice aspect is that ClickAgencyAI OTO With the Commercial License, you can quickly create several lead campaigns for clients and charge every lead sent, per campaign.

OTO 1-ClickAgency Platinum Version

You’ll get 30 extra DFY video lead page templates if you upgrade to ClickAgency Platinum. These are the most profitable and untouched areas among our top and hottest categories. In addition to Facebook and Google Adwords advertisements, you can build Instagram ads automatically. Instagram advertising are the most profitable, and your clients will be even more eager to deal with you. The best part is that you get MockChat Traffic Generator, which allows you to make traffic-generating “chat” videos that drive leads and sales.

OTO 2-ClickAgency Enterprise Edition

You may sell access to customers for any price you desire with ClickAgency Enterprise Edition. Clients will be able to design, administer, and see their own lead generating campaigns. Can create an unlimited number of pages and campaigns – Never be concerned about running too many advertisements or taking on too many customers. Accounts with Unlimited Ads Connected – Connect as many ad accounts as you want, create/split-test as many ads as you need, and the greatest thing is that you receive DFY ClickAgency Marketing Suite – To help you launch your own business, customise our done-for-you professional lead generating agency marketing materials. Plus much more, such as reseller rights, outsourcing rights, training, and so on.

OTO 3-ClickAgency White Label License

The ClickAgency White Label License allows you to sell the popular ClickAgency app under YOUR brand, with YOUR custom logo, and we even handle support for you. You Can Now Start Your Own Valuable Software Business Under Your Brand with No Startup Costs. The nicest aspect of Whitelabel is that you may and should charge monthly fees to clients that wish to utilise your SaaS product. This is the ideal recurring revenue source for you. Change a modest $10 monthly charge to $1000s for larger enterprises.

OTO 4-ClickAgency MSGLock Agency

ClickAgency The most cutting-edge solution for creating ENGAGED leads from ANY content marketing approach is MSGLock Agency. It makes the pricey “old-school” method of lead creation appear ridiculous and allows you to double your list-building results by synchronising email leads and Messenger leads with no additional labour. The best thing is that MsgLock instantly syncs to your preferred autoresponder and works with ALL third-party Messenger bots, so you can stop manually exporting and importing leads. Utilize your material in novel ways.




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